3 Mar 2017

Photo of the week: Department of Diabetes

The new Department of Diabetes at Central Clinical School was officially on deck as of 1 January 2017. Seen here are the lab/research group heads, L-R :Professor Karin Jandeleit-Dahm, Professor Paul Zimmet AO, Professor Merlin Thomas, Professor Mark Cooper AO (Head of Department), Dr Phillip Kantharidis, A/Prof Terri Allen, Professor Sam El-Osta, A/Prof Melinda Coughlan, Dr Tom Karagiannis, Dr Zhonglin Chai, Professor Jennifer Wilkinson-Berka.

What's on at CCS 6 - 10 Mar 2017

Runa Lindblom is giving her PhD mid-
candidature seminar Tues 7 March
Central Clinical School has regular seminar series and postgraduate presentations. Event notices are posted on the CCS Events calendar.

CCS staff & students can see details of both public and local events (including professional development courses, trade fairs and Graduate Research Student calendars) and deadlines, at the CCS intranet's Announcements page. Various departments have their own calendars.

See CCS seminar index:www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/seminars.html

What's on at CCS 6 - 10 Mar 2017

CCS Publications update 24 Feb - 3 Mar 2017

Cruciform position with abducted arms
allows better access to trauma patients. See
paper by Mitra et al. Image: Stephen Mraz
Recent publications for Central Clinical School affiliated authors in the departments of Allergy, Immunology and Respiratory Medicine (AIRmed), Australian Centre for Blood Diseases (ACBD), Infectious Diseases, Melbourne Sexual Health Centre (MSHC), Medicine, Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre (MAPrc) and Surgery.


Chan LN, Chen Z, Braas D, Lee JW, Xiao G, Geng H, Cosgun KN, Hurtz C, Shojaee S, Cazzaniga V, Schjerven H, Ernst T, Hochhaus A, Kornblau SM, Konopleva M, Pufall MA, Cazzaniga G, Liu GJ, Milne TA, Koeffler HP, Ross TS, Sánchez-García I, Borkhardt I, Yamamoto KR, Dickins RA, Graeber TG, Müschen M. Metabolic gatekeeper function of B-lymphoid transcription factors. Nature. 2017 Feb 23;542(7642):479-483. doi: 10.1038/nature21076. Epub 2017 Feb 13.

2 Mar 2017

Finding boosts target hopes for aggressive blood cancers

2016 Mammalian Functional Genetics Laboratory group
L- R: Dr Katharina Haigh, Mr John Drummond, Mr Mina Takawy,

Dr Catherine Carmichael, Assoc Prof Jody Haigh, Dr Maggie Costa,
Absent: Dr Thao Nguyen
by Anne Crawford 

In September last year this blog reported on some promising findings into ZEB2, a protein implicated in certain aggressive leukaemias, made by Australian Centre for Blood Diseases (ACBD) researcher, Associate Professor Jody Haigh as part of an international collaboration.

Associate Professor Haigh’s work has since been bolstered by the revelation of a novel partner of ZEB2. Combined, they may form a possible therapeutic target that could potentially have greater efficacy than targeting ZEB2 alone.

1 Mar 2017

EMCR news: Thomas Bonnard profiled in The Limbic

Dr Thomas Bonnard is a research fellow in Dr Christoph Hagemeyer's Nanobiotechnology laboratory of the Australian Centre for Blood Diseases. He is funded by a William Harvey Translational Research Fellowship from the European Union. He was recently profiled by thelimbic.com for his work, in his own words, on "improv[ing]heart disease treatment with nanomedical devices."

See more: Designer molecule offers targeted thrombolysis at the site of blood clots

Grant opportunities

Position vacant: Research Scientist (Skin Culture Laboratory)

Research scientist Grade 1 sought with experience in primary cell culture and animal testing.  
  • Seek link for the position description.
  • Closing date for application: 19 March 2017.

28 Feb 2017

Melbourne's scientific collaborations mapped

BioMedVic will be supporting publication of an online interactive research network map produced by Nature Index, which will show output and collaboration in high quality research between institutions in the greater Melbourne region. This updateable map will be based on publications in the top natural science journals tracked by the Nature Index website (www.natureindex.com), which is an open access platform owned by Springer Nature, publisher of Nature, with data published under a creative commons license.
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