26 Jul 2014

B cell control in the immune system: review article

B cell control mechanisms
Department of Immunology researchers have published an article reviewing the control of B cells by a group of proteins called TNF superfamily proteins. These proteins trigger necessary signals that activate or regulate the various protective functions of B cells in the immune system, and they are important to understand because B cell pathologies including some cancers or autoimmunity can occur when these functions are disrupted.

25 Jul 2014

Is gluten linked to depression?

A recent pilot study completed by Monash University and Alfred researchers has found that many patients with self reported non coeliac gluten sensitivity continued to suffer from gastrointestinal symptoms on a gluten free diet, but had an improved mental state. Prof Peter Gibson, who co-authored the study said that the results were surprising. "We found that gluten ingestion was associated with significantly higher depression scores compared to a placebo diet," Prof Gibson said. A larger study, currently in its recruitment phase, will further examine these results. See pilot study

21 Jul 2014

Lancet letter by Young Physician Leaders Michelle Giles and Fabien Vincent

2013 YPL workshop
Associate Professor Michelle Giles (Department of Infectious Diseases and the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology) and Dr Fabien Vincent (Rheumatologist and PhD student, Department of Immunology) have published a Correspondence letter in The Lancet, entitled: "Leadership training by the InterAcademy Medical Panel: what has it achieved in three years of the Young Physician Leaders Programme?" Both early career researchers were among the 19 selected Young Physician Leaders (YPL) participants in the world to attend the IAMP YPL Programme, representing Monash at the World Health Summit in 2013 in Berlin. See article link.

20 Jul 2014

Recent publications by CCS early and mid career researchers

The following four publications include CCS early and mid career researchers Drs Lachlan Gray (Infectious Diseases) , Be'eri Niego (Australian Centre for Blood Diseases) and Tamsyn Van Rheenen (Monash Alfred Psychiatry research centre.

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