12 Oct 2022

Congratulations to Narelle Cox, Gemma Sharp and Karin Jandeleit-Dahm on NHMRC Investigator grants!

L-R: Dr Narelle Cox, A/Prof  Gemma Sharp and Professor Karin
Jandeleit-Dahm have won NHMRC Investigator grants

Congratulations to our National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Investigator grant recipients in Central Clinical School (CCS) Dr Narelle Cox, Associate Professor Gemma Sharp and Professor Karin Jandeleit-Dahm.

Dr Narelle Cox's (Department of Respiratory Research@Alfred) EL2 project is "Improving access to non-pharmacological treatment in chronic respiratory disease", and has been awarded $1,526,390 

Associate Professor Gemma Sharp's (Department of Neuroscience) EL2 project is "Smartphone sensors: Predicting changes in mental health and delivering "just in time" interventions", and has been awarded $1,526,390 

Body image concerns impact more than a third of young people and are linked with eating disorders, anxiety, depression and suicidality. This program of research will harness the popularity of smartphones to predict when young people are struggling with their body image from the way they are using their phones, and provide the right level of personalised support via “just in time” online interventions. If effective, this work will translate into improved body image for at-risk young people. 

Professor Karin Jandeleit-Dahm's (Department of Diabetes) L2 project is "Reducing the burden of diabetic complications" and has been awarded $2,382,170

Mental Health Awareness Month Week 3

Week 3 of National Mental Health Awareness Month (October) starts on 16 Oct 2022 with the walk “towards the road of resilience and wellbeing” around Albert Park lake (sign up here)! This initiative should be fun for the whole family, group of friends or on your own (a great chance to meet new people!) and is a good opportunity to get outside and exercise.

Online events of interest this week include (see detail below):

Congratulations to Dr Erica Plummer on her Jack Brockhoff ECR win

Congratulations to Dr Erica Plummer, of the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre, who has been awarded a competitive and prestigious early career research grant from the Jack Brockhoff Foundation.

Her project title is "Identifying novel infectious causes of urethritis to improve clinical management and antimicrobial stewardship". The grant amount for Dr Plummer's project is $144,013 across two years.

Prof Richelle Mychasiuk wins Dean's Award for Diversity and Inclusion

Professor Richelle Mychasiuk won the 2022 Dean's Award for
Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion
From Professor Helmut Butzkueven, Head, Department of Neuroscience

It gives me great pleasure to share with you all the wonderful news that one of our outstanding academic leaders, Professor Richelle Mychasiuk, has been recognised by the Monash Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences.

Professor Mychasiuk received the Dean's award for Excellence for her research and service in the category of Diversity and Inclusion at the awards ceremony on 10 October 2022.

Massive congratulations to Professor Mychasiuk, we are enormously proud of you and so grateful to have you as part of our department!

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