2 Dec 2016

Photo of the week: D.S. Rosengarten Prize presentations on tomorrow!

Lara Freeman, one of 2015's presenters at the annual D.S. Rosengarten Surgical Trainee Prize, speaking on Adjuvant chemotherapy for pancreatic adenocarcinoma at The Alfred Hospital. This year's presentations will be held from 8 am on Saturday 3 December 2016 at the AMREP Education Centre. See detail of speakers and topics in the Abstract Booklet.
All welcome. See more about the prize and the event: www.med.monash.edu.au/surgery/alfred/prizes/rosengarten.html

Forthcoming CCS events: 5-9 Dec 2016

Isaak Quast presenting
Wed 7 Dec 2016
Central Clinical School has regular seminar series and postgraduate presentations. Event notices are posted on the CCS Events calendar.

CCS staff & students can see details of both public and local events (including professional development courses, trade fairs and Graduate Research Student calendars) and deadlines, at the CCS intranet's Announcements page. Various departments have their own calendars.

See CCS seminar index:www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/seminars.html

What's on for 5-9 Dec 2016

CCS Publications for the week ending 2 December 2016

Professor David Tarlinton's research group. L-R: Michael Low,
David Tarlinton, Cathy Pitt, Simona Infantino, Nick Kokovski.
Michael and David are authors on the HIV vaccines paper.
Recent publications for Central Clinical School affiliated authors in the departments of Immunology and Pathology, Infectious Diseases and Melbourne Sexual Health Centre.

Immunology and Pathology

Low MS, Tarlinton D. HIV Vaccines: One Step Closer. Trends Mol Med. 2016 Nov 23. pii: S1471-4914(16)30148-4. doi: 10.1016/j.molmed.2016.10.006. [Epub ahead of print]

High blood sugar linked with higher mortality for lung transplant patients

Dr Kathryn Hackman, lead author of the study, explaining how
diabetes halves survival after lung transplant. 2013 Video
by Anne Crawford

Lung transplant recipients with hyperglycemia (high blood sugar levels) face a significantly greater risk of mortality than those with normal glucose levels, a study by Monash University, Central Clinical School (CCS) and Alfred Hospital researchers has found.

Laws needed to protect drunk pedestrians on roads: study

The Pedestrian Council of Australia run an active
education campaign for drunk pedestrian safety.
by Anne Crawford

Trauma researchers at The Alfred Hospital and Monash University have recommended improving public education campaigns and introducing new legislation after a study showed that almost one in four pedestrians seriously injured on the roads was intoxicated.

29 Nov 2016

CCS Doctoral Student Profile - Aron Hill

Aron Hill presenting at the 2016 CCS
Three Minute Thesis competition
By Eliza Watson

Aron Hill is a PhD student in the Cognitive Therapeutics Research Group at MAPrc where he is supervised by A/Prof Kate Hoy, Dr Nigel Rogasch and Prof Paul Fitzgerald. He studied psychology in his undergraduate degree and decided to pursue it for Honours where he began looking at brain stimulation, he has continued his interest in this area through his PhD.

CCS Doctoral Student Profile - Alicia Chenoweth

Alicia Chenoweth. Image: Burnet
By Eliza Watson

Alicia Chenoweth is a PhD student in the Hogarth lab at the Burnet Institute where she is supervised by Professor Mark Hogarth and Dr Bruce Wines. Alicia studied her undergraduate degrees in her home city of Adelaide, combining a Bachelor of Biomedical Science with a Diploma in French, followed by Honours specialising in mast cells. While visiting a friend in Melbourne, Alicia found her current PhD project and decided to pursue it, on novel roles of Fc receptors in inflammation.

CCS Doctoral Student Profile - Paddy Dempsey

Paddy Dempsey competing in the 2016
CCS Postgraduate Symposium
by Eliza Watson

Paddy Dempsey is a PhD student at Baker IDI in the Physical Activity Laboratory where he is supervised by Professor David Dunstan, Professor Neville Owen, Professor Bronwyn Kingwell and Dr Julian Sacre. He studied exercise physiology in his home country of New Zealand before moving to Melbourne for his PhD.

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