20 Jan 2023

Expressions of Interest- LEICA Thunder Widefield Microscope

The MMI ARA+ Platform is very excited to open up expressions of interest for projects that wish to utilise our new LEICA Thunder Microscope. 

Many of you may have trialled this microscope during the demo period last August. It is an exceptional piece of equipment that we hope will streamline and improve your imaging. 

If you are interested in training, testing samples and investigating this microscope further, please fill out this form and staff will be in contact with you to organise.


Below are the specs. Feel free to reach out to Samantha Warren samantha.warren@monash.edu for any questions.

  • Inverted Microscope with fully motorised stage (x,y,z)
  • Tiling and stitching
  • Imaging modes: FLUO, monochromatic BF, deconvolution
  • Leica LED3 as an external light source for fluorescence excitation
  • 4.2 MP (2k x 2k) sCMOS monochrome K8 camera (50 fps)
  • Objectives: 5x/0.12 Dry (WD 14,000 μm), 10x/0.32 Dry (WD 11,130 μm), 20x/0.80 Dry (WD 400 μm), 63x/1.40 Oil (WD 140 μm)
  • Fluorescence Filter sets: DAPI, Hoechst, FITC/eGFP/Alexa488, TRITC/YFP/Alexa 568, Cy5/Alexa 647, Rhodamine 546
  • Perfect Focus System. Will always stay in focus PC-2 Containment Laboratory
  • Leica LAS X with Navigator and Thunder integrated deconvolution module for wide-field microscope

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