9 Sept 2022

RUOK? day 8 September

There was a good turnout for the CCS RUOK? day
Central Clinical School's 8 September RUOK? day event was well attended with over 75 people coming along from diverse backgrounds, including staff and students from most departments. They enjoyed a bit of a chat and warm drink with a few brave souls going for a walk around Fawkner Park in the drizzly and windy afternoon.

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Congratulations to Dr Emily Edwards on AIFA grant award

Dr Emily Edwards has won a $30,000 grant from AIFA for
research on Primary Immunodeficiencies and SARS-CoV-2

Congratulations to Dr Emily Edwards on winning the Allergy and Immunology Foundation of Australasia (AIFA) Primary Immunodeficiencies (PID) Clinical Research Grant of $30,000 (supported by CSL Behring) this year. Emily is an active advocate for PID as AusPIPS Vice President.

Dr Edwards' grant is titled, "Antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 in immunoglobulin products and their capacity to augment immunity in immunodeficient patients", and she leads a team including researchers from Alfred Health, Monash University and the Burnet Institute, with collaboration from the patient organisation AusPIPs and the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood. 

A way forward to reliably triage acute stroke for rapid management

Time to treatment after stroke is criticallly important to
reduce the chance of brain damage. A 'proof-of-concept'

study has developed a technique to distinguish between
two main types of stroke which will enable more effective
and accurate clinical decision-making about treatment.

by Dr Loretta Piccenna

Time to treatment after a stroke is critically important to reduce the chance of brain damage.

Acute stroke is caused by either a sudden bleed (or haemorrhage) or a decrease in blood supply due to a blockage of an artery to the brain (ischaemia). These two distinct types of stroke require completely separate treatment pathways.

Graduate research students' win for sexual health research

L-R: Dr Ei Aung and Ms Palak Gupta

Congratulations to two of our graduate research students, Dr Ei Aung and Ms Palak Gupta, who won the best presentation at the 2022 Joint Australasian HIV&AIDS + Sexual Health Conferences last week.

Both students are in the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre. Their primary supervisor is Associate Professor Eric Chow. Ei is also co-supervised by Kit Fairley, Jason Ong, Tiffany Phillips and Marcus Chen.

New HER Australia Centre for women's mental health education and research

Prof Jayashri Kulkarni leading a team meeting
HER Centre Australia, established as a formal Monash University Centre in 2022 stands for Health, Education, and Research in Women's Mental Health. For more information about HER Centre Australia, visit the HER Centre Australia website - www.monash.edu/her-centre

Save the date (20 October) for Professor Jayashri's public lecture to launch the centre and focus on why women's mental health education and research is so important.

30 Aug - 5 Sep 2022 Central Clinical School recent publications

Study: New insights into human immune memory from SARS‐CoV‐2
infection and vaccination. Image credit: Kateryna Kon/Shutterstock.com
Recent publications featuring research as notified by PubMed during 30 August - 5 September 2022 from Central Clinical School affiliated researchers in the following departments.

The most recent validated publications for the school and departments can be seen on their publications pages, linked to from the headings below. Otherwise, read down the entry for recent notifications. The below is not a comprehensive list.

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