31 Mar 2014

The BAFF/APRIL system in SLE pathogenesis: Nature Reviews Rheumatology

Department of Immunology researchers have published a review of their recent research on the BAFF/APRIL system, a complex of the cytokines BAFF and APRIL, their receptors and signalling pathways. The efficacy of belimumab, an anti-BAFF biologic agent used in clinical trials for SLE, is used to develop an argument that the BAFF/APRIL system is an important regulator of autoimmunity. Future therapies for SLE could fine-tune these cytokine signalling pathways to regulate autoreactive B cell survival and autoimmunity.  This review encompasses three recent research articles from teams headed by Professors Fabienne Mackay & Eric Morand.
Link: Nature Review Rheumatology article
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