23 Nov 2018

Photo of the week: Monash Microimaging image competition - entries due 7 Dec 2018

MMI competition open for entries - closing date 7 December 2018. Image: /platforms.monash.edu/mmi/
Monash Microimaging are once again running their annual image competition!
  • Cash prizes for the best 3 entries
  • Categories for this years competition are now expanded to include:
    • Widefield/Fluorescence/Confocal/Light-sheet and other microscopy modalities
    • Animation/Movie of 3D Volume/Surface Rendering, Dynamic Imaging, Time-Lapse or Computer Animation 
  • 13 of the selected best entries will feature in 2019 MMI calendar
  • Movies/Animations to be used as graphic displays or 3D printed models
Submission deadline: 7 December, 2018

What's on at CCS 26-30 Nov 2018

Mr Xianwei Che is giving
 his pre-submission PhD 
presentation, 11 am Thurs 29 Nov
Central Clinical School (CCS) has regular seminar series and postgraduate presentations. Event notices are posted on the CCS Events calendar.

CCS staff and students can see details of both public and local events (including professional development courses, trade fairs and Graduate Research Student calendars) and deadlines, at the CCS intranet's Announcements page.

See CCS seminar index:  www.monash.edu/medicine/ccs/headlines/events-calendar

What's on at CCS 26-30 Nov 2018

Recent CCS publications: 18 - 24 November 2018

Head of the Department of Diabetes,
Professor Mark Cooper, was published
twice this week. 
Recent publications for Central Clinical School affiliated authors in the following departments. Note, browse down this entry for complete publications list. Linked headings for each section are to the departments' home pages.
  • Australian Centre for Blood Diseases 
  • Diabetes
  • Gastroenterology
  • MAPrc
  • Medicine
  • Melbourne Sexual Health Clinic
  • Neuroscience
  • Surgery

Helping men navigate prostate cancer treatment

Patient Peter with Prof Jeremy Millar and A/Prof Jeremy Grummet
Story and photo reproduced courtesy Alfred Health: link

Being told you have prostate cancer is a terrifying experience for many men – and it’s one Peter knows well. When he received his diagnosis, Peter was convinced he had just six months to live.

However, Alfred Health's team of experts including Professor Jeremy Millar and Associate Professor Jeremy Grummet, both of Central Clinical School's Department of Surgery, are working to make the experience much less daunting, and equip men like Peter with more information to help them make decisions about their treatment.

Roberto Christanto wins Dean's award for BMedSc(Hons) project

Roberto Christanto and Dr Megan Wallace
BMedSc(Hons) coordinator
Congratulations to Roberto Christanto from A/Prof Justin Hamilton's lab on taking out the 2018 Dean's Award for his BMedSc(Hons) project on quantifying platelet thrombin receptors!

The title of Roberto's project was "Determining the surface levels of the thrombin receptor, PAR4, on human platelets".

See more about the Hamilton group at: www.monash.edu/medicine/ccs/blood-disease/research/plateletmega

Congratulations to Professor David Curtis on his promotion!

Professor David Curtis
Congratulations to Professor David Curtis, who has been promoted to full Professorship at Monash University!

The promotion recognises Prof Curtis's individual research accomplishments as well as leadership and mentoring. Prof Harshal Nandurkar, Director of the Australian Centre for Blood Diseases, says that Prof Curtis "is a role model for our younger haematology trainees for a career that combines significant basic and translational research with a clinical role."

See more about Prof Curtis's research at: www.monash.edu/medicine/ccs/blood-disease/research/stem-cell

Sarah Luu wins RC Bennett Prize!

CCS PhD student Sarah Luu presenting her poster at the 2018
CCS graduate research symposium. See program
Monash PhD and medical student Ms Sarah Luu was recently recognised for her outstanding research into blood clot risk after surgical removal of the spleen, receiving the prestigious Royal Australasian College of Surgeons’ RC Bennett Prize.

Undertaken in 2017 while a BMedSc(Hons) student at the School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health (SCS), Sarah’s research investigated the role platelets play in forming blood clots after splenectomy (surgical removal of the spleen).

Devi Deliyanti and Jenny Wilkinson-Berka awarded DARP grants for retinopathy research

Congratulations to Dr Devy Deliyanti and Professor Jenny Wilkinson-Berka on being awarded Diabetes Australia Research Program (DARP) grants for their research on diabetic retinopathy!

Dr Devy Deliyanti
Retinal disease is the most feared complication of diabetes, with almost all patients experiencing some visual disturbances and some patients progressing to severe vision loss. Diabetic retinopathy is characterised by damage to small blood vessels in the retina which can proliferate and leak blood into the vitreous cavity of the eye. Dr Deliyanti and Prof Wilkinson-Berka are investigating two very different approaches to the problem.

Epidemic thunderstorm asthma forecast service

The Victorian government has a forecast service for epidemic thunderstorm asthma events. On Tuesday this week, for example, there was a high risk forecast made for the day. See more at:

You can also download an app called VicEmergency which updates the forecasts and locations of events. See more: vicemergency.zendesk.com/hc/en-gb/articles/115002358614-Thunderstorm-Asthma
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