6 Feb 2014

Seminar Series: Issues in Research Translation Science

Professor Jeremy Grimshaw
What the seminar series is about
Currently, clinical practitioners' uptake of best evidence from research is patchy. Global evidence of failure to translate research findings into clinical practice suggests that acting on research findings is a fundamental challenge for healthcare systems to optimise care, outcomes and costs. Research translation science (also known as implementation science and knowledge translation science) is a relatively new field of health services research. It is the scientific study of the determinants, processes and outcomes of research translation in order to develop a generalisable empirical and theoretical basis to optimise implementation activities. NTRI and the Australasian Cochrane Centre are co-hosting visiting academic Jeremy Grimshaw, who will provide a personal perspective about the scope of research translation science and key challenges facing the field at present. First seminar is 11 Feb, 12-1 pm, AMREP seminar room.
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