9 Dec 2022

Alfred Health Recognising Excellence awards for Jason Ray and Estelle Hamson

L-R: Estelle Hamson and Jason Ray

Congratulations to Dr Jason Ray and Ms Estelle Hamson on their recognition from Alfred Health.

They were awarded Alfred Health's Recognising Excellence Awards 2022 for respectively, Positive & Productive Culture; and Education & Training (individual).

Investigating the genetic influence on multiple sclerosis outcomes

Dr Vilija Jokubaitis is first author on the
  Brain paper

by Dr Loretta Piccenna

Researchers from the Department of Neuroscience at Central Clinical School have found that no common genetic variations (those found in 5% or more of the population) are strongly linked to disease severity in people with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS).

Published in one of the top neuroscience journals, Brain, the multicentre study instead revealed that multiple genetic loci with small effect sizes were associated with clinical outcomes in people with RRMS. Further, a machine learning algorithm using this information, together with clinical and demographic variables available at disease onset, accurately predicted the severity of the disease.

Dr Karen Alt and Dr Chyn Chua recognised at the ACBD Research Symposium

L-R: Dr Karen Alt and Dr Chyn Chua
Congratulations to Dr Karen Alt and Dr Chryn Chua on receiving the Best Research Paper awards for a researcher and also a clinician at the recent Australian Centre for Blood Diseases (ACBD) Research Symposium held on 11 November 2022.

Focussing principally on the talent within Clinical Haematology and ACBD, the symposium showcased both senior as well as early and mid-career researchers.  CLICK HERE to find out more about all achievements at the ACBD that were highlighted at the symposium.

Congratulations to Associate Professor Indi Rasaratnam on 25 years of service!

A/Prof Indi Rasaratnam receiving his service award from the
Monash University Chancellor, Mr Simon McKeon AO.

Congratulations to Associate Professor Indi Rasaratnam, who has been recognised for his 25 years of service by the Vice Chancellor's Service Award in a presentation ceremony held on 21 November this year.

Prof Rasaratnam said, "I remember 25 years ago, delivering lectures in the old Monash Building Lecture Theatre at the Alfred near the helipad, using 35 mm slides on a carousel that would get stuck half-way through the lecture and having to run to the back of the lecture theatre to fix the projector!  We have come a long way since - delivering lectures via Zoom!"

Very different disease course rates in secondary progressive MS

The Big MS Data Network was used for analysis showing that people with
primary progressive MS progressed at different rates during their disease.
Big MS Data Network

by Dr Loretta Piccenna, Research Manager, Department of Neuroscience, Monash University


People who have primary and secondary progressive forms of multiple sclerosis require great consideration both in clinical practice and research due to huge unmet needs. 

Primary and secondary progressive MS are forms in which disability from the disease continues to get worse (with time without experiencing relapses) and does not resolve. So, these forms do not respond in the same way to treatment used for the more common form, relapsing-remitting MS.

8 Dec 2022

Grant success through community engagement: CaRE webinar

The video is available for CCS staff and students
via the CCS intranet: Link

 by A/Prof Bridgette Semple on behalf of the Community and Researcher Engagement program, CCS

Are you a researcher interested in working with consumers to write compelling grant applications? Do you want to know more about how to make these grant applications more competitive? If so, you’ve come to the right place! 

On Wednesday 30 November 30 2022, the CCS’s Consumer and Researcher Engagement (CaRE) program committee hosted an informative webinar entitled ”Engaging consumers in grant success.”

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