12 Dec 2014

Congratulations to Casey Lo for his Master of Surgery award!

Congratulations to Mr Casey Lo, who has been awarded the degree of Master of Surgery.

Casey’s thesis "Right ventricular failure in left ventricular assisted patients" was accepted in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree by the Graduate Research Steering Committee on Tuesday 9 December 2014.

Casey was enrolled through the Department of Surgery and was supervised by Drs Silvana Marasco and Deirdre Murphy.

Does anaesthesia with nitrous oxide affect mortality or cardiovascular morbidity?

CCS researchers have written a study which looks at anaesthesia with nitrous oxide and its affect  on patient mortality or cardiovascular morbidity.

11 Dec 2014

Laura Blair-West wins best poster presentation at the Australian Cognitive Science Conference

Laura Blair West (MAPrc BMedSc(Hons) student) won best poster at the Australian Cognitive Science Conference. for her paper titled 'Social decision-making following transcranial direct current stimulation to the right temporoparietal junction: The role of psychopathic traits'. It was competitive as there were approximately 30 poster presenters. Laura also did very well at the AMREP EMCR conference earlier this year, winning the poster section there. Congratulations Laura!

Surgery prize awarded to vascular registrar Chris Brooks

The 2014 participants. L-R: Chris Brooks, Jun Ban, Sean Huang, Andrew Packiyanathan, Riza Gultekin, Alex Jarema, Charles Gallagher, Hedley Roth. Absent: Marli Williams, Georgina Stephens, Emma Sim, Angus Lee.
The D.S. Rosengarten Surgical Trainee Research Prize was established in 1985. The 2014 Symposium, 30th in the series, was very successful with 12 presenters. A vascular registrar, Chris Brooks, won the prize, for his presentation, "Smoking increases postoperative respiratory complications and unplanned return to Theate in vascular surgical patients". Emma Sim and Georgina Stephens received honourable mentions.

Mrs Candice Rosengarten, widow of David Rosengarten and creator of the prize, attended and presented the prize. Mr Stewart Skinner chaired the symposium. J&J Medical sponsored the $1000 prize money. Feedback from presenters, adjudicators and audience was very positive.


Congratulations to Amber Moore, on the award of her PhD degree!

Congratulations to Ms Amber Moore, who has been awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy on 2 December 2014. Her thesis was titled "Philosophical and professional issues in Chinese medicine". Amber was enrolled in the Department of Medicine, and supervised by Professor Paul Komesaroff and Dr Kylie O'Brien. Well done Amber! Beyond the PhD: Amber is Programs Coordinator at the Australian Institute of Applied Sciences.
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