20 Nov 2015

Picture essay of the week: FODMAP testing

The Department of Gastroenterology has a world wide following for its low FODMAP diet as therapy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome sufferers. They have created a picture essay of how they go about testing their foods for #FODMAPs, which are various types of sugars, present in a huge variety of foods but to varying degrees.

On a FODMAP related issue, ABC Catalyst are broadcasting a show, "Gluten: A gut feeling", on Tuesday, 24 Nov 2015, featuring Professor Peter Gibson, Head of  Department, who has done widely cited research on so-called non coeliac gluten sensitivity (NCGS). See reference for original article.

Forthcoming CCS events: Seminars, public events, general notices

Maria Daglas
Central Clinical School has regular seminar series and postgraduate CCS Events calendar presentations. All event notices are maintained on the
CCS staff & students can see details of both public and local events (including professional development courses, trade fairs and Graduate Research Student calendars) and deadlines, at the Intranet's Announcements page.

Various departments have their own calendars. See CCS seminar index: www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/seminars.html

What's on for this coming week: 22-27 Nov 2015

Mon 23/112015 12:30  Psychiatry Professorial Grand Round
Tue 24/11/2015 11:30  PhD Pre-Submission Review Seminar : Ms Maria Daglas

20:00  ABC Catalyst on gluten sensitivity (Gastroenterology)
Wed 25/11/2015 11:00  PhD Pre-submission seminar review: Ms Kirsten Morris

11:30  PhD Confirmation of candidature: Mr Kristopher Nilsen
Thu 26/11/2015 11:00  Master of Surgery Confirmation Seminar: Dr Roshan  Ariyaratnam

In the Future

19 Nov 2015

CCS successes in 2015 NHMRC funding

18 Nov 2015

Congratulations to the CCS Postgraduate symposium participants & winners

Gaby Freedman got the audience to practise
mindful meditation for three breaths, which was
well judged on what non-practisers would do!
Congratulations to all who participated in the 8th annual CCS graduate research symposium. It was a successful, informative and amusing day. The winners were:

  • Most outstanding oral – Ms Jessica Anania (Burnet Institute)
  • Second Place oral presentation – Ms Dragana Dragoljevic (Baker IDI)
  • Most Creative Oral presentation – Ms Gabrielle Freedman (MAPrc)
  • Most Oustanding Poster – Ms Caroline Tuck (Gastrogenterology)
  • Second place poster – Mr Man Kit Lee (Baker IDI)

16 Nov 2015

A cardiorenal drug helps in diabetic retinopathy

Dr Devy Deliyanti, lead author and Prof
Jenny Wilkinson-Berka, last author.
A Monash University-Melbourne University collaboration has found that FT011, a novel cardiorenal protective drug, reduces inflammation, gliosis and vascular injury in rats with diabetic retinopathy.

Optimising traumatic brain injury (TBI) outcomes in children

Monitoring pressure of cerebral blood vessels in children with
TBI may improve outcomes. Image: stmaryskids.org
An Alfred-Monash collaboration led by recent Department of Surgery PhD graduate Dr Phil Lewis, with the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne and Cambridge University (UK), has published a study on children with traumatic brain injury (TBI). TBI is a significant cause of morbidity and mortality in children.

Odd spot: Chris Smith asks, 'Big data, big deal?"

Dr Chris Smith, of
'Naked Scientists' fame
More data has been produced in the last five years than in all of human history put together before then. But what’s driving this big data revelation? Dr Chris Smith explains in the Friday 20 November 2015 10:05PM broadcast of RN's "The Naked Scientists" program.
Link: www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/nakedscientists/new-document/6950540
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