3 Oct 2014

Mental Health Week: educating Victorians

In 2014, Mental Health Week will run from Sunday 5th to Saturday 11th October. World Mental Health Day is marked every year on the same date: 10th of October.

Mental Health Week aims to activate, educate and engage Victorians about mental health through a week of interactive events across the state including an official launch, community festivals, art exhibitions, music, theatre and seminars.

Click here for a list of Mental Health Week events in Victoria.

The psychology of the footy fan

Source: abc.net.au
With the end of the football season behind us, Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre's A/Prof Steve Allen has written an article in The Conversation about the psychological journey of footy fans. 

30 Sept 2014

Bill Gates mentors Monash medical students

Medical students Jarrel Seah, left, and Jennifer Tang get advice on their app from Bill Gates as part of their Imagine Cup prize. Photo and caption: Australian Financial Review
Earlier this year two Monash medical students, Mr Jarrel Seah and Ms Jennifer Tang, won the Microsoft Imagine Cup for the development of an app, 'Eyenaemia'. Now, as part of their prize, they met with Bill Gates, Microsoft's founder, for advice about how to progress further development and commercialisation of the app. Jarrel, a Central Clinical School student, is adding to his MBBS experience by doing a Bachelor of Medical Science in Honours. See the AFR article for more detail.

29 Sept 2014

Calling CCS PhD students! The 2014 symposium is around the corner...

This year the Central Clinical School postgraduate symposium is trialling a few new things. Firstly, we want to provide students with a more fun and informal setting in which to present their data. We encourage creativity so use videos, audio clips, animations, costumes, props…whatever you like! Tell us the story of your research, with great prizes available for the best oral presentations.  There will be a prize for most creative oral presentation so bust out your best mouse onesie.   

28 Sept 2014

Google+ and how to use it

image not displayedThese videos provide a nice summary of what Google+ is about and how to use it - there's a companion PDF document available: http://goo.gl/PywY6c

Google+ Partner Playbook: Audio-Visual Guide. (8 VIDEOS)

Videos on YouTube:
Google+ Playbook Chapter 1 - Getting Started

Google+ Playbook Chapter 2 - Promote Your Presence

Google+ Playbook Chapter 3 - The Stream

Google+ Playbook Chapter 4 - Google+ Pages!

Google+ Playbook Chapter 5 - Hangouts!
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