15 Dec 2015

Congratulations to CCS's 26 PhD students who completed in 2015

2015's new PhD students
Congratulations to all 26 of our completed PhD students this year!! A remarkable achievement by all the students listed below.

A big thank you also to all supervisors and staff involved in supporting our PhD students.

See all enrolled CCS Graduate Research students at: www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/education/hdr-students.html

Matthew Kitson (Medicine)

Thesis title: A study of the relationship between vitamin D status and the severity and outcomes of chronic non-cholestatic liver disease
Supervisor: A/Prof Stuart Roberts, A/Prof Kumar Visvanathan, Prof William Sievert

Tanya Millard (Infectious Diseases)

Thesis title: The development and evaluation of an online self-management program for men living with HIV in Australia
Supervisors: Dr Julian Elliot, Dr Karalyn McDonald, Dr Sonya Girdler, Dr Sean Slavin

Mark Fitzgerald (Surgery)

Thesis title: Computer-aided decision support for trauma reception and resuscitation

Melissa Kirkovski (MAPrc)

Thesis title: The influence of biological sex on neurobiological mechanisms underlying autism spectrum disorder: An investigation of neural activity and connectivity
Supervisors: Prof Paul Fitzgerald, Dr Peter Enticott

Ying Ying Kong (Immunology)

Thesis title: Effects of cancer cells on the cells of the dendritic cell lineage
Supervisors: Prof Magdalena Plebanski, Dr Katie Flanagan

Sarah Charnaud (Burnet)

Thesis title: Mechanism of protein export in the malaria parasite
Supervisors: Prof Brendan Crabb, Dr Paul Gilson

Eric Tan (MAPrc)

Thesis title: Speech disturbances and quality of life in schizophrenia
Supervisors: Dr Susan Rossell, Dr Gregory Yelland

Mutsa Madondo (Immunology)

Thesis title: Immunomodulatory effects of Cyclophosphamide: Optimising administration for improved efficacy in patients with gynaecological malignancies
Supervisor: Prof Magdalena Plebanski

Benjamin Fancke (Immunology)

Thesis title: Dendritic cells: development, tolerance and immunity. A novel cross-species study.
Supervisors: Dr Meredith O’Keeffe, A/Prof Mark Wright

Sewa Rijal (ACBD)

Thesis title: Characterizing the role of inositol polyphosphate 4-phosphatase type II (INPP4B) in acute myeloid leukaemia
Supervisors: Dr Andrew Wei, Prof Christine Mitchell

Michael Cangkrama (Medicine)

Thesis title: Analysis of the Grainyhead-like genes in mammalian development and disease
Supervisors: Prof Stephen Jane, Dr Charbel Darido

Amit Joglekar (Immunology)

Thesis title: Mechanisms of immune tolerance following genetic manipulation and transplantation of bone marrow-haematopoietic stem cells
Supervisors: A/Prof Frank Alderuccio

Jodie Abramovitch (Immunology)

Thesis title: Influence of food processing on the humoral and cellular immune response to shared and unique allergens of crustacean species
Supervisors: E. Prof Jennifer Rolland, Prof Robyn O’Hehir

Brendan Elsworth (Burnet)

Thesis title: Characterisation of the Plasmodium falciparum export complex
Supervisors: Prof Brendan Crabb, Dr Paul Gilson

Gabriela Khoury (Medicine)

Thesis title: HIV persistence on antiretroviral therapy - the role of homeostatic proliferation and T-cell trafficking
Supervisors: Prof Sharon Lewin, Prof Paul Cameron

Andrew Guirguis (ACBD)

Thesis title: Apoptosis and its regulation in myelodysplasia - using basic mouse models and human samples.
Supervisors: A/Prof David Curtis, Dr Andrew Wei

Emma Tavender (Surgery)

Thesis title: Improving the management of mild traumatic brain injury in the emergency department
Supervisors: Dr Denise O’Connor, Prof Russell Gruen

Zane Kaplan (ACBD)

Thesis title: Biochemical and biomechanical factors regulating leukocyte-thrombus interactions
Supervisors: Prof Shaun Jackson, Dr Yuping Yuan

Belden Mado (ACBD)

Thesis title: Investigation of New Anti-clotting approaches
Supervisors: Prof Rob Andrews, Dr Elizabeth Gardiner

Khayriyyah Mohd Hanafiah (Burnet)

Thesis title: Dimeric IgA for serodiagnosis of active mucosal infections
Supervisors: Dr David Anderson, A/Prof Rosemary French

Janine Trevillyan (Medicine)

Thesis title: Pathogenesis and prevention of cariodvascular disease in HIV positive patients
Supervisors: Prof Jennifer Hoy, Prof Sharon Lewin

Evan Newnham (Gastroenterology)

Thesis title: Shifting treatment paradigms in newly diagnosed coeliac disease
Supervisors: Prof Peter Gibson
Juliana Van Der Merwe
Thesis title: A comparison of pulsatile and non-pulsatile flow in ventricular assist devices: Effects on bacteraemia, end-organ function and vascular reactivity
Supervisors: Prof Frank Rosenfeldt, A/Prof Robert Salamonsen, Prof David Kaye
 Jeremy Ruben (Surgery)
Thesis title: Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy: Effect on Dose Distribution and Scattered Dose and Implications for Carcinogenesis

Michael Christopher (Baker IDI)
Thesis title: Dyslipidaemia resulting from obesity is a major contributor to the onset and progression of Type 2 diabetes
Supervisors: A/Prof Peter Miekle, Dr Josephine Forbes

Jonathon Habersberger (Medicine)
Thesis title: Proinflammatory effects of monomeric C reactive protein in vascular endothelium
Supervisor: Prof Peter Karlheinz

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