11 Dec 2015

Photo of the week: 2015 D.S. Rosengarten Surgical Trainee Research Prize

Mrs Candice Rosengarten presenting the D.S. Rosengarten plate to Dr Katherine Suter, who had come straight from her Alfred ICU shift handover. Mrs Rosengarten is the widow of David Rosengarten and attends each year.
Congratulations to Dr Katherine Suter on winning this year's D.S. Rosengarten Surgical Trainee Research Prize competition on Sat 5 Dec 2015. Katherine presented on “Pre-operative Predictors of Parathyroid Microadenomas”. Adenomas are non-cancerous or 'benign' tumours. However, if they form within the parathyroid gland, they can cause a cascade of different problems, ranging from psychiatric disturbance to bone disease. If discovered, the main mode of treatment is surgical removal. Katherine's study, involving 797 patients, looked at the small, or 'micro' adenomas. The smaller they are, the more invasive the surgery required and less likelihood of cure. She concluded that "microadenomas continue to present as a challenge in both diagnosis and management."

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