20 May 2016

Opportunity: Research Fellow, Department of Immunology and Pathology, Central Clinical School

Researcher wanted

Research Fellow, Department of Immunology and Pathology, Central Clinical School

Department/Unit: Department of Immunology and Pathology, Central Clinical School
Faculty/Division: Faculty of Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences
Classification (salary rates): Level A
Employment type: Fixed-term (Full-time)
Work location: The Alfred Hospital
Enquiries: Prof Magdalena Plebanski, email: magdalena.plebanski@monash.edu ph
+61 3 990 30667
The Vaccines and Infectious Diseases (VID) Laboratory is located at the Central Clinical School’s Department of Immunology and Pathology which in turn is primarily located on the Alfred Hospital campus in Prahran as a partner institute in the Alfred Medical Research and Education Precinct (AMREP). Our partner organisations are the BakerIDI Institute, the Burnet Institute and Alfred Health, where strong teams research related and complementary topics including respiratory, metabolic, cardiovascular and infectious diseases. This environment provides exciting opportunities for us to engage in strong cross-field collaborative and clinically applicable research programs with our AMREP partners.

Position purpose
The Research Fellow will be responsible for undertaking research on immunotherapy development, particularly ovarian cancer. This will involve all aspects of research including experiment planning, execution, analysis, collaborations, writing of reports and papers. The Research Fellow will also be responsible for teaching more junior members as requested by their supervisor.
A Level A research-only academic is expected to contribute towards the research effort of the university and to develop her/his research expertise through the pursuit of defined projects relevant to the particular field of research.
  • Reporting line: The position reports to Professor, Vaccines and Infectious Diseases Laboratory.
  • Supervisory responsibilities: Co-supervision of 1-2 Honours students and 1-2 PhD students.
  • Financial delegation and/or budget responsibilities: Sourcing and purchasing reagents for research projects at the VID lab after approval from supervisor. Key result areas and responsibility
  • A Level A research-only academic shall work with support, guidance and/or direction from staff classified at Level B and above and with an increasing degree of autonomy as the research academic gains in skill and experience.
Specific duties required of a Level A research-only academic may include:
  • the conduct of research under limited supervision either as a member of a team or, where appropriate, independently and the production or contribution to the production of conference and seminar papers and publications from that research;
  • involvement in professional activities including, subject to availability of funds, attendance at conferences and seminars in the field of expertise;
  • drafting and submitting projects specific applications and reports including OHS and Ethics documentation and other administrative functions connected with the area of research;
  • development of a limited amount of research-related material for teaching or other purposes with appropriate guidance from other staff;
  • occasional contributions to teaching in relation to her/his research project(s);
  • experimental design, training of other students and staff and operation of advanced laboratory and technical equipment or conduct of advanced research procedures;
  • attendance at meetings associated with research or the work of the organisational unit to which the research is connected and/or at departmental, school and/or faculty meetings and/or membership of a limited number of committees; and
  • advice within the field of the staff member's research to postgraduate students.
Key selection criteria
Essential criteria
1. A PhD in Immunology or a related discipline from a recognised university or equivalent qualifications and research experience in the area;
2. Ability to work independently in a research environment (with limited supervision);
3. Ability to work as part of a team;
4. Ability to prepare and communicate the aims and outputs of research projects in a range of formats including formal and informal oral presentations, refereed research papers and reports;
5. Computer literacy (word processing and use of databases);
6. Experience in cancer immunobiology and cancer drug effects on the immune system.
Other job-related information
• Travel (eg. to other campuses of the University) may be required
• Shift work, overtime and out of hours work (including evenings, weekends and public holidays) may be required
• On-call (including rostered on-call requirements) may be required
• There may be peak periods of work during which the taking of leave may be restricted
• Possession of a current Victorian driver license is desirable
Legal compliance
Ensure you are aware of and adhere to legislation and University policy relevant to the duties undertaken, including: Equal Employment Opportunity, supporting equity and fairness; Occupational Health and Safety, supporting a safe workplace; Conflict of Interest (including Conflict of Interest in Research); Paid Outside Work; Privacy; Research Conduct; and Staff/Student Relationships.

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