17 Jun 2016

Photo of the Week: 2016 EMCR@AMREP group

2016 Committee members. L-R: Dr Haloom Rafehi (EMCR Co-Secretary, Baker IDI), Dr Karen Alt (ACBD), Dr Julia Gilmartin (SPHPM), Dr Thomas Angelovich (Burnet), Ms Riya Palchaudhuri (Burnet), Dr Leah Kivivali (SPHPM), Dr Nupur Nag (SPHPM), Dr Lachlan Gray (EMCR Chair, Burnet/CCS Infectious Diseases), Dr Jade Bilardi (MSHC), Dr Thomas Bonnard (ACBD), Ms Jessica Anania (Burnet), Dr Ollie Black (SPHPM)
Absent: Dr Eric Chow (MSHC), Dr Jennifer Pilgrim (VIFM), Dr Laura Anderson (VIFM), Dr Carolina Weller (SPHPM), Dr Sarah Charnaud (Burnet), Dr Justin Chen (EMCR Treasurer, Baker IDI), Ms Emma Gearon (Baker IDI), Dr Caroline Gurvich (MAPRc), Dr Irene Bobevski (SPHPM), Dr Jessica Morison (EMCR Co-Secretary, SPHPM), Ms Tope Adepoyibi (Burnet)
The EMCR@AMREP group is very active to promote achievements and opportunities. See:

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