16 Sept 2016

Congratulations to 2016 MIME Seed Fund recipients!

Magdalena Plebanski (seated)
has won a MIME seed grant
The Monash Institute of Medical Engineering (MIME) has awarded over $800,000 in seed funding, and a further $150,000 has been co-committed by CSIRO. 16 prize winners were announced. See detail on the MIME news blog. Congratulations to all involved. Central Clinical School researchers, champions and collaborators are bolded in the table below.

ID Title of Project Clinical 
51 Robotic 
cancer biopsy 
A/Prof Jeremy Grummet 
Lead CI Dr Chao Chen (eng)
33 Enhancing colonoscopic 
visualisation and control
Dr Mayur Garg
Consultant Gastroenterologist
Lead CI Dr Song Chaoyang (eng)
Additional Team Prof Sunita Chauhan (eng)
57 3D-bioprinted scaffold of trapezium 
in basal thumb arthritis management
Prof Julian Smith
Head of Department of Surgery 
Monash Medical Centre
Lead CI Laurence Meagher (eng)
Additional Team Dr Andrey Molotnikov (eng), Dr Jessica Frith (eng), A/Prof David Hunter-Smith (med), Dr Warren Rozen (med), Dr Michael P. Chae (med), Prof Graham Jenkin (Monash Health), Prof Anthony Atala (Wake Forest Institute), Dr Sean V Murphy (Wake Forest School of Medicine), Dr Kanika Jain (Hudson Institute)
9 Jaundiced infants-Expanding home care Dr Katrina Harris
Medical lead, Monash Children's@Home
Lead CI Prof Wei Shen (eng)
Additional Team Dr Charles Barfield (Monash Medical Centre), Dr James Doery (Monash Medical Centre), Dr Liyuan Zhang, Ms Amanda Vantin (Monash Medical Centre), Dr Stephen Wang (MADA), Dr Mark Bown (CSIRO), Dr Jenny O’Connell (CSIRO), Dr Andrew Scully (CSIRO), Dr Chris Dunn (CSIRO)
6 Rational mesh design for urogynaecological surgery A/Prof Anna Rosamilia
Head Pelvic Floor Clinic, Monash Health
Lead CI A/Prof Caroline  Gargett (med)
Additional Team Prof Chris Davies (eng), Professor Jerome Werkmeister (CSIRO),Dr Dayalan Gunasegaram (CSIRO), Dr Sharon Edwards (CSIRO)
25 Surface modifications prevent driveline infection Prof David McGiffin
Director Cardiothoracic Surgery & Transplantation
Alfred Health
Lead CI A/Prof John Forsythe (eng)
Additional Team Prof Laurence Meagher (eng), Dr Yue Qu (eng), Dr. Helmut Thissen (CSIRO)
21 Monitoring back movement and function Prof Flavia Cicuttini
Head Musculoskeletal Unit
Alfred Health
Lead CI Dr Pari Delir Haghighi (IT)
Additional Team Prof Frada Burstein (IT),
Dr Stephen Jia Wang (MADA), Prof Wenlong Cheng (eng)
39 The diabetic sensate footwear project Dr Alan Saunder
Unit Head Vascular and Transplant Surgery
Monash Health
Lead CI Prof Jon McCormack (IT)
Additional Team Prof Mark Armstrong (MADA), Prof Daphne Flynn (MADA), Prof Arthur de Bono (MADA), Tina Dinh (MADA), Kieran John (MADA)
18a Personalizing cancer treatments Prof Magdalena Plebanski 
Head of Vaccines and Infectious Diseases Unit
Lead CI Prof Magdalena Plebanski (Med)
Additional Team Dr Simon Corrie (eng), A/Prof Tom Jobling (Monash Health), Dr Andrew Stephens (Hudson)
20 Cardiovascular modeling with MRI A/Prof Andrew Taylor
Head of Non-Invasive Imaging, Alfred Cardiology
Lead CI Prof Murray Rudman (eng)
Additional Team Prof Mark Thompson (eng), Dr Ben Costello (Baker), Dr Sina Sinaie (eng), A/Prof Andre La Gerche (Baker)
37 Risk-adjusted reporting intensive care efficiency Prof David Pilcher, Senior Intensivist, Alfred Intensive Care Unit, & Chair of ANZICS Centre for Outcomes and Resource Evaluation Lead CI Prof Geoff Webb (IT)
Additional Team Dr Christoph Bergmeir (IT), Dr Lahn Straney (med)

35a 3D printer hand prostheses Dr Lisa O'Brien, State Convenor (Vic/Tas) of Australian Hand Therapy Association special interest group Lead CI Dr Chao Chen (eng)
2 Health behaviours in dysglycaemia Prof Christopher Gilfillan, Director of Endocrinology
Eastern Health
Lead CI Prof Sunita Chauhan (eng) 
Additional Team Dr Faezeh Marzbanrad (eng), Prof Frada Burstein (IT), Dr Sarah Boyd (IT), Prof Daphne Flynn (MADA)
4 Virtual reality social cognitive training Prof Paul Fitzgerald, Professor of Psychiatry, Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre Lead CI Prof Jon McCormack (IT)
Additional Team Elliott Wilson (IT), Mike Yeats, Patrick Hutchings (IT)
50 3D printed arm splints A/Prof Jim Buttery, Research Director, Monash Children's Hospital Lead CI Dr Andrey Molotnikov (eng)
Additional Team Prof Chris Davies (eng)
7b Burn wound management: Bioactive technology Dr Heather Cleland
Director, Victorian Adult Burns Service
Alfred Health
Lead CI Dr Jess Frith (eng)
Additional Team Prof Laurence Meagher (eng), Prof Neil Cameron (eng) Dr Rebecca Lim (med), A/Prof Mikaƫl Martino (med)

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