22 May 2017

Welcome to our 2017 CCS PhD students!

Monash CCS new PhD enrolments for 2017. L-R: Anna Beale, Muthukumar Mohan, Gerard Pernes, Rose Brazilek, Michelle Flynn, Cassandra Castelino, Mary Ajamian, Amy Wilson, Laura Moffitt, Jaclyn Lange, Professor Robert Medcalf (Graduate Research Coordinator), Rania Hashad. Absent: Hassan Albargy, Robert Cooper, Sarah Gutman, Sarah Janssens, Michael Keating, Rosie Latimer,  Sourabh Mahta, Ethan Oxley, Larissa Ratten, Jeeva Sanjeevan, Amy Searle, Lakshanie Wickramasinghe, Abbey Willcox, Osanna Wong.

Welcome to our new CCS graduate students! We have a large group this year with 24 new PhD students so far enrolled. Please make them feel welcome. See 2017 details below, and more about all of our graduate research students: www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/education/hdr-students.html

Australian Centre for Blood Diseases
  • Ms Abbey Willcox - A novel therapy for hepatic veno-occlusive disease with recombinant endothelial-targeted CD39 (NTPDa)
  • Mr Ethan Oxley - Mechanisms of tumour suppression by PU.1 in acute myeloid leukaemia
  • Ms Jaclyn Lange - Development of responsive PEG nanoparticles
  • Dr Rania Hashad - Polyethylene glycol nanoparticles as novel oncotheranostic agents
  • Ms Rose Brazilek - An investigation of platelet and endothelial cell function under complex haemodynamic conditions
Allergy, Immunology & Respiratory Medicine (AIRmed)
  • Dr Jeeva Sanjeevan - Targeting the small airways has a pivotal role in treating patients with uncontrolled asthma
Anaesthesia & Perioperative Medicine
  • Dr Sarah Janssens - Use of visual aids for allocation of leadership and roles in ad hoc emergency teams
Baker Institute
  • Ms Anna Beale - Epidemiological determinants of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction
  • Ms Amy Searle - Novel, innovative and risk-free fibrinolytic drug targeting to activated platelets
  • Mr Gerard Pernes - The role of lipids in macrophage function in health and disease
  • Ms Michelle Flynn - Targeting S100A8/A9 to reduce atherosclerosis in diabetes\
  • Mr Michael Keating - Novel regulation of lipid metabolism
  • Dr Sarah Gutman - Advanced imaging techniques in the detection of rheumatic heart disease
  • Mr Sourabh Mehta - Smart nanoparticles for detection of vulnerable atherosclerotic plaques and their therapeutic stabilisation
  • Mr Muthukumar Mohan - The protective role of lipoxins against diabetic complications
  • Ms Osanna Wong - Identifying the immune mechanisms involved in leucocyte migration and adhesion
  • Ms Mary Ajamian - Investigating the brain-gut connection through related markers of gut dysfunction and damage
Immunology & Pathology
  • Ms Cassandra Castelino - Comparing the role of G-CSF in asthma and COPD
  • Ms Laura Moffitt - The Role of Dipeptidyl Peptidase 4 in Ovarian Tumours
  • Ms Amy Wilson - Investigation of the Unfolded Protein Response (UPR) in Ovarian Cancer
  • Ms Lakshanie Wickramasinghe - Investigating inflammatory and genetic factors affecting lung morphogenesis in bronchopulmonary dysplasia
Infectious Diseases
  • Mr Hassan Albargy - Decaying the HIV reservoir through metabolic manipulations: role of monocyte-mediated inflammation
Medicine including MSHC and AIRMed
  • Ms Larissa Ratten - Using metagenomic techniques to determine the cause of NGU and BV
  • Ms Rosie Latimer - Mycoplasma Genitalium
Monash Alfred Psychiatry research centre
  • Mr Robert Cooper - Effect of tACS frequency, amplitude and synchronisation on working memory

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