3 Jul 2017

Young HIV researcher honoured

Dr Robert Gillies
Congratulations to Dr Robert Gillies, 25, who received the Victoria Day Award for Public and Community Service by a Younger Victorian!

Dr Gillies is a junior doctor at The Alfred, and works 60 hours a week on six social initiatives he has founded, including an organisation that arranges volunteer trips to remote Indigenous communities and the not-for-profit "HoMie" streetwear label and retail store employing people struggling with homelessness.

He is also a HIV researcher, having presented his research at the International AIDS Conference and the San Francisco Liver Conference.

"It's a tremendous honour, not just to me, but to the teams of volunteers that give up their time every single day to help raise awareness for the thousands of homeless people in our community," he said.

"Homelessness is just so on the doorstep, it's just in your face everyday so me and the people that started HoMie just absolutely felt that we had to do something more, and it just started by educating ourselves.

"I'm really hoping that we are able to leverage today's honour and recognition with potential future sponsors and volunteers and any help is greatly appreciated."

The Victorian of the Year honour has been awarded since 1995.


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