9 Nov 2018

Congratulations to Eric Chow on Research Australia recognition!

Dr Eric Chow's Research Australia award: 
Highly Commended category
Over the past 100 years, it has been commonly understood that gonorrhoea is mainly passed on by condom-less sexual intercourse.

Dr Eric Chow from Monash University's Central Clinical School and Alfred Health's Melbourne Sexual Health Centre has completely changed the direction of this theory through his findings that the throat is the main driver for transmission, and been recognised for his achievement by Research Australia.

Gonorrhoea, a sexually transmitted disease, has become a major emerging global public health concern as the rate of infection increases and its resistance to antibiotics grows.

In recognising this, Dr Eric Chow has made a remarkable discovery that will change the way we understand and treat gonorrhoea for years to come.

Research Australia has recognised this outstanding discovery, acknowledging Dr Chow in the Highly Commended category of the prestigious Griffith University Discovery Award, which highlights early career researchers whose work has already demonstrated its importance or impact.

Since completing his PhD in 2014, Dr Chow has been responsible for demonstrating that using saliva as a lubricant during anal intercourse is a risk factor for anal gonorrhoea in gay men.

He has also been the first to conduct large scale epidemiological research on 3000 individuals to validate that kissing – not sex – is the leading risk factor for oral gonorrhoea.

In providing solutions, Dr Chow has also led a pilot study discovering that a single use of mouthwash could inhibit the growth of gonorrhoea in the throat.

Prof Christopher Fairley, from Monash University said “Dr Chow’s discoveries have fundamentally challenged earlier research and have completely reversed years of thinking.

“This research will be directly linked to greater prevention and lower healthcare costs”.

See more about Melbourne Sexual Health Centre's research:  www.monash.edu/medicine/ccs/sexual-health/research

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