14 Sept 2020

World-first Tau tracer imaging by Alfred-Monash facility

Alfred Research Alliance-Monash Biomedical Imaging (ARA-MBI) PET/CT imaging capabilities are increasing.

The PET imaging team at ARA-MBI has conducted a world-first, using a novel, ‘hot off the press’, Tau tracer to examine the expression of the Tau protein in a rat model of stroke. 

 In collaboration with Dr Pablo Casillas-Espinosa and Dr Lucy Vivash from the Department of Neuroscience at Monash, the team used this new tracer to examine Tau levels in the brain of rats following middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO). 

In exciting preliminary results, these scans showed increased tracer uptake within an area of the brain known as the striatum and adjacent cortical regions following stroke. This work provides important proof of concept for the utility of this tracer to study the role of Tau in rodent models of neurological and neuropsychiatric disease and test new therapeutics targeting this protein. 

 The ARA-MBI Imaging Facility houses a PET/CT scanner, equipped with a single or four animal-bed, ideal for high throughput screening. The PET/CT scanner and available radioisotopes cover a range of applications, including neuroscience imaging.

Find out more from Dr Robert Brkljaca:

E: robert.brkljaca@monash.edu T: +61 3 9903 0971

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