23 Nov 2020

Research update: Pregnancy as a Multiple Sclerosis disease modifier

See Dr Vilija Jokubaitis's research seminar highlights video
Dr Vilija Jokubaitis is a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Neuroscience, Central Clinical School at Monash University. She is a clinical and translational neuroscientist with a particular interest in pregnancy and Multiple Sclerosis (MS). She published research in September on MS and pregnancy, then gave a seminar, in which she explored how pregnancy affects the progression of MS.The Zoom recording of the seminar has been edited and posted to the CCSMonash Youtube channel.

The hyperlinked time points below take you to that section of the video of the seminar:

  • 0:05 Why did I become interested in pregnancy and multiple sclerosis? 
  • 1:38 Where did it all start with pregnancy and multiple sclerosis? 
  • 3:30 How are we addressing the impact of pregnancy and multiple sclerosis outcomes?  
  • 5:33 MSBase Pregnancy Register
  • 6:05 How do disease modifying treatments affect pregnancy in multiple sclerosis? 
  • 10:14 Can pregnancy act as a disease modifier?
  • 12:48 What are we currently doing in our research group?

See more respectively about Vilija's research, her Neuroimmunology Genomics, and Prognostics group, and the recent JAMA paper published on the association of pregnancy with the onset of clinically isolated syndrome:

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