3 Feb 2021

Human Factors Short Courses 2021: Registrations open

About the Human Factors Short Course

The goal of this short course is to introduce Human Factors science and its application to healthcare. Human Factors (also referred to as Ergonomics) is concerned with the understanding of the interactions between humans and other elements of a complex system. The goal of Human Factors science is to apply theory, methods and principles to optimise the design of systems to enhance human performance and overall system safety (International Ergonomics Association, 2019). Think of medical device design, simulation-based training, design of guidelines and protocols, team dynamics and organisational management. 

Course objectives

  • The broad and diverse discipline of Human Factors and why Human Factors science is essential to healthcare.
  • How to perform Human Factors research in healthcare using key Human Factors methods such as hierarchical task analysis, user-centred design and AcciMap.
  • Specific examples of how to apply Human Factors research methods to healthcare challenges such as interruption management and teamwork in time pressured emergencies.
  • Resilience Engineering as a recent movement within Human Factors Engineering and the important role of strengthening resilient performance in healthcare.

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