15 Oct 2020

Congratulations on Academy recognition for our researchers!

L-R: Professors Anton Peleg, Merlin Thomas and Andrew Forbes
have been elected Fellows of the Australian Academy of Health
and Medical Sciences
28 of the nation’s top medical and health researchers have been elected as Fellows of the Australian  Academy of Health and Medical Sciences (AAHMS) in recognition of their outstanding contributions  to the health and medical research landscape in Australia, including 13 women.  The new Fellows are elected at a time when health and medical science is making a crucial  contribution to the nation’s future, as the community works to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. Many  of them have been pivotal in this response in Australia and overseas.

Three Monash University researchers were elected, all from the sub-Faculty of Translational Medicine and Public Health. Warmest congratulations to Central Clinical School's Professors Anton Peleg and Merlin Thomas, and Andrew Forbes (School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine See more about their work below.

See Anton's video on Twitter
As Director of Infectious Diseases at The Alfred hospital, Professor Anton Peleg FAHMS has been at the heart of Victoria’s clinical efforts to respond to the pandemic. His leadership of  the COVID response at The Alfred has encompassed all facets of models of care, clinical  management and treatment decision making, and infection prevention and control.  Preventing and responding to healthcare worker infections and outbreaks has been a key  priority in hospital and community healthcare settings. He and his team have also developed  a portfolio of COVID-19 research, including the largest COVID-19 biobank of clinical samples  in Australia and the first community based randomised treatment trial of a new antiviral  agent. Apart from COVID-19, his pioneering work on antimicrobial resistance has shaped  policy and practice across the world. 

See video: https://twitter.com/i/status/1316263061007691776 

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Professor Merlin Thomas in the Department of Diabetes is an internationally renowned clinician scientist in diabetic kidney disease. His translation research spans basic biochemistry and biology to epidemiology and clinical trials. He is also a sought-after speaker, teacher and best-selling author. He has an exceptional track record of productivity, publishing in journals including the Journal of Clinical Investigation, Circulation Research and Diabetes. His discovery work has led to patent applications that he has translated into early-phase commercial development. Professor Thomas has received the Eric Susman Award from the RACP, TJ Neal Award from the Australian and New Zealand Society of Nephrology and the Millennium Award from Diabetes Australia.

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Professor Andrew Forbes has an international reputation for leadership in biostatistics, stemming from his development and innovation in statistical methods to solve practical issues in health and medical research studies, as well as collaboration on major practice-changing research in substantive clinical areas. He chairs the pre-eminent multi-university national training program in biostatistics and has major roles with the Australian Clinical Trials Alliance (ACTA) in promulgating innovative clinical trial design methodologies. Professor Forbes heads the nation’s largest biostatistics group and for over a decade has been an Editorial Board member of one of the leading international journals, Statistical Methods in Medical Research.

See video: https://twitter.com/i/status/1316261529495334912

See all 28 new Fellows:

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